To impart higher education to the region to make the institution a training ground for the youth to harness the creative force in them for their all round development to become a vital force of inspiration to the rural community.

  • The mission of the college is to impart education in arts, sciences and all or any of the technological subjects in tune with the dreams of our founders.

  • It is dedicated to spread knowledge through quality education that can bring societal transformation.

  • To assist in campus recruitments and suitable placement training from the substances.

  • It is to inculcate among the students the ideals of honesty, hard work, selflessness and responsibility so that they may contribute in building an egalitarian society.

Our emblem

Omkara at the backdrop stands for Trinity.

Rising Sun the Aditya is the symbol of knowledge and power.

The sacred book with symbols reveals knowledge and wisdom imparted.

Poorna Ghata, the amrutha kalasa at the top symbolizes permanence, perfection and fulfillment.

Nandi the sacred bull at the very seat is the embodiment of service, tolerance and represents the historical importance of the place Nandigama.

Blossoming Lotus reveals  the young minds blossomed by the intellectual radiance.

The motto Deshamunu preminchumanna (Love the Nation) provides message and inspiration to the institution.