Department of Physics

About the Department

Department of Physics was started in 1968-69 from the inception of the college with Sri Muttineni Madhususana Rao as the first faculty member and P.U.C. as the first course. Later Sri Srirama Murthy joined the department as demonstrator. Dr K. Siva Rama Krishnaiah joined the department during the academic year 1975-76 as lecturer. Later Sri V. Anjaneyulu and Sri N.S.S.S.V. Prasad joined the department. Later Sri C. Ramachandra Rao also joined the department as surplus member. The founder faculty member and then In-charge of the department Sri M. Madhusudhana Rao rendered his valuable services to department and to the college as a vice-principal. He had established the department laboratories and used to guide the junior faculty members and contributed a lot for the development of the department.

Infrasture of the Department

The department is having a pride possession of some heritage instruments and equipment. A few among them are
Laser source,
Ballistic Galvanometers,
Optical Benches,
Trainer Kits,
Astronomical telescope etc.

The department is maintaining observatory of Indian Meteorological Department. Through this
rain gauge,
wind speed and direction,
temperature etc. are maintained.
While recognising the services of our department in sending the regular timely reports; IMD has erected an automatic rain gauge in the campus with World Bank Aid.

Intermediate Lab - 1 (600 sft),
Degree Labs - 3 (1800 stf)

Teaching Staff
Name Qualification Designation Contact
Dr. P. Rajanikanth M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. Lecturer & Incharge
Dr. Y. Gandhi M.Sc., PGDCA, M.Phil., Ph.D. Lecturer    My web page
Smt. V. Satya Prathima M.Sc., M.Phil. Lecturer

Former Teaching Staff
Name Qualification Designation
Sri M. Madhusudhana Rao M.Sc. (Tech.) Principal (I/C)
Sri V. Anjaneyulu M.Sc., M.Phil. Principal (FAC)
Sri N.S.S.S. Vara Prasad M.Sc., M.Phil. Principal (FAC)
Dr. K. Sivarama Krishnaiah M.Sc., Ph.D. Lecturer
Sri C. Ramachandra Rao M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri Srirama Murthy M.Sc. Demonstrator
Sri Sharma M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri M. Narasimha Rao M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri B. Hanumantha Rao M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri K. Venkata Rao M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri S. Satish Kumar M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri D. Venkateswara Rao M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri V. Sivanarayana M.Sc. B.Ed. Lecturer
Sri T.J.M.R. Prasad M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri M. Veerendra M.Sc.(Tech.) Lecturer
Sri M.S.K. Kishore Reddy M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri G. Anjaneyulu M.Sc. Lecturer
Ms. M. Divya Kumari M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri N. Bhanu Murthy M.Sc., M.Phil. Lecturer
Sri N. Babu Rao M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri Y. Sarat Babu M.Sc. Lecturer
Ms. M.V.S. Kalyani M.Sc. Lecturer
Ms. B. Naga Lakshmi M.Sc. Lecturer
Ms. B. Swarna Kumari M.Sc. Lecturer