Department of Hindi

About the Department

Hindi Department was started from the inception of the college in 1968. Sri Mikkilineni Subba Rao was appointed as lecturer in Hindi. He learnt Hindi on the call given by Mahatma Gandhi. He was true Gandhian and renowned scholar. He maintained high academic values and taught his students effectively. He retired in 1975. He rendered a good service and contributed to the development of Hindi language and literature by writing poems and dramas. ‘Veerapalanadu’ is his famous drama in Hindi. Even after his retirement he worked as Principal in Hindi Sikshan and Prasikhan Mahavidyalaya Avanigadda and vijayawada. He produced several trained graduates who scaled great height by occupying reputed positions.

After his retirement Mrs. V. Vijayabharati was appointed as lecturer in the department in 1975. She had zeal for research work. She took lein for three years and went to Andhra University; Visakhapatnam to do Ph.D under F.I.P.she worked hard and obtained Ph.D from Andhra University. After completion of her research work, she joined the college. In her study lein (1977 to 1980) Sri Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad was appointed as lecturer. He established good name as lecturer in this college. Now he is professor of Hindi in Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. He is a genius with multifaceted talents. He is a doctorate in Telugu and Hindi literature. He translated the Telugu poems of Aluri Bairagi in Hindi. He translated the famous Hindi novel ‘Tamas’ written by Bheeshma Sahni into Telugu. Recently he wrote ‘Droupadi’ in Hindi and Telugu. Taking into consideration his extraordinary talent he was appointed as adjunctive professor in Hindi by Acharya Nagarjuna University in 2006. He was elected as M.P His gesture towards donating Rs. 15 lakhs in his tenure as M.P for our college development from M.P funds is laudable. The Government of India honoured him by giving Padmasri. Recently the Andhra Pradesh State Government appointed him as President to Hindi Sahitya Academi. He is a great academician with political back ground.

After the sudden demise of Dr. V.Vijaya bharati in 1981, Dr R.Veerabhadra Rao was appointed as lecturer in Hindi. He was promoted as Reader in Hindi in 1994. By rendering his services for several years, he retired from his service on 31-7-2006.

Former Teaching Staff
Name Qualification Designation
Sri M. Subba Rao M.A. Lecturer
Dr. V. Vijaya Bharathi M.A., Ph.D. Lecturer
Dr. Y. Lakshmi Prasad M.A., Ph.D. Lecturer
Dr. R. Veerabhadra Rao M.A., Ph.D. Reader