Department of Botany

About the Department

Department of Botany in K.V.R. College was established on 12-07-1968, with a single faculty member Sri P. Purnendu Mouly, M.Sc. to teach the plant science of P.U.C. Later on Intermediate course was introduced in the place of P.U.C. Then B.Sc. (C.B.Z.) course was started in 1975 in the college. Sri P.P. Mouly was a great visionary who headed the department till his retirement up to 1998. He worked for 2 years in Plant Virus Research Laboratory, Pune before joining this college. He is a life member of “Indian Phyto-pathological Society”, IARI, New Delhi. He has keen interest in Morphology, Taxonomy besides Plant pathology. He is a practical Botanist with self orientation in Homeopathic Medicine. He stresses the importance of medicinal plants used in homeopathy and brought awareness among the staff members to use simple drugs for all sorts of ailments. Sri P.P. Mouly developed the Botany laboratory with the U.G.C. grants. He acquired equipments like Microtome, centrifuge, hot-air Owen, chromatography chamber, inoculation chamber etc. He led many Botanical tours to develop field level interest in the student community. He stressed the importance of practical work in the study of science. The department is following his foot steps in this aspect. After starting B.Sc. (C.B.Z.) with 24 seats in 1975 and due to increase in work load, Sri D. Rama Mohan Rao, M.Sc. was recruited in 1976, and Dr. V. Danaiah, M.Sc., Ph.D., was appointed in 1977. Later the number of seats in B.Sc. (C.B.Z.) was increased to 48. Hence, Dr. P. Venkata Ratnam, M.Sc., Ph.D., was recruited in 1980. D. Rama Mohana Rao went on Faculty Improvement Programme in 1980 for acquiring M.Phil., and Ph.D., at S.V. University, Tirupathi and Andhra University, Waltair respectively. Sri T.M.N. Roy joined the Department in 1980 as a substitute and later he was made permanent member in 1984. Now, Botany Department has the privelege of having Three Doctorates in its faculty. Subsequently, common core syllabus was introduced and main system in the 3rd year B.Sc. was abolished. Hence the 5th post in the Department was declared as surplus. So, T.M.N.Roy was transferred to A.N.R. College, Gudiwada in 1995. After the retirement of P.P. Mouly in 1998, Dr.D. Rama Mohana Rao took charge of the Department. Later on, B.Sc. (C.B.Z.) strength was further increased to 60 because of demand in the student community. At the same time, Intermediate (Bi.P) strength also increased by the year 2001. To deal with extra work load, Sri Shaik Shammi was appointed in 2001. Ms.T. Ramya was appointed in 2004. Both of them resigned in 2006. So, Sri G. Durga Rao and Sri M. Kondala Rao were appointed in 2006. Sri A. Ramulu worked as Herbarium keeper from 1968 to 2001.

Infrasture of the Department

There are two well equipped laboratories each of 1200 sft, to conduct practical for 30 students per batch. There are sufficient compound and dissection microscopes in addition to 753 slides and 309 specimens in the laboratory. Physiology equipment is available as per the syllabus. The department is equipped with Inoculation Chamber, Chromatography Chamber, Microtome, Refrigerator, Hot-air Owen, Autoclave, Centrifuge, Electronic Micro-balance etc. The Department is having some models and 228 charts relating to different branches of Botany. The department is maintaining a Herbarium with Large number of plants classified to the respective families. The Department Library has more than 90 books and one journal, which are made available to the students. The Department is maintaining a Botanical garden with several ornamental and medicinal plants besides plants required for practical purpose like Hydrophytes and Xerophytes. Garden work is taken up by the students quite often.

Teaching Staff
Name Qualification Designation
Sri M. Kondala Rao M.Sc. Lecturer & Incharge

Former Teaching Staff
Name Qualification Designation
Sri P. Mouli M.Sc. Lecturer & In-charge
Dr. D. Rama Mohana Rao M.Sc., Ph.D. Reader & In-charge
Dr. V. Danaiah M.Sc., Ph.D. Reader
Dr. P. Venkata Ratnam M.Sc., Ph.D. Reader
Sri T.M.N. Roy M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri Sk. Shammi M.Sc. Lecturer
Ms. T. Ramya M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri G. Durga Rao M.Sc. Lecturer
Ms. K. Jyothi M.Sc. Lecturer
Sri T. Atchaiah M.Sc. Lecturer

Student Progress (B.Sc. Pass percentage)
Year Paper-I Paper-II Paper-III Paper-IV
2001-02 100 91 97 94
2002-03 82 73 91 91
2003-04 89 86 93 85
2004-05 91 96 96 98
2005-06 98 96 100 100

Silver medals instituted by philanthropists
Sl.No. Title of the medal Instituted by Awarded to
1 Ilapogu Lajaras Memorial Medal Ilapogu Kamalamma, Nandigama 3rd B.Sc. CBZ Total First
2 Sri Pabbati Pongallu Medal Sri Pabbati Pongallu, Nandigama 3rd B.Sc. Botany First
3 Jamalapurapu Sarat Babu Memorial Medal Smt. Kanaka Durga, Vijayawada. 2nd B.Sc. CBZ Total First
4 Peta Bapaiah Memorial Medal Peta Venkata Ramaiah, Vijayawada. 2nd Inter Science Group TM Total First
5 Ramisetti Ramaiah Memorial Medal R. Gurunadham brothers, Nandigama. 1st Inter Science Group TM Total First
6 Tota Krishna Murthy Medal T.M.N. Roy, ANR College, Gudivada. 2nd Inter Botany First
7 Suryadevara Annapurnamma Memorial Medal Suryadevara Annapurnamma Trust, Nandigama Best woman student Degree Classes
8 Sakhamuri Janaki Ratnamba Memorial Medal Sri S. Radha Krishna Prasad, England Best woman student Inter Classes
9 NCR Club Medal Nandigama Cultural and Recreation Club, Nandigama. Best attendance Degree Classes
10 Chadala Janaki Rama Rao Medal Chadala Janaki Rama Rao, Nandigama. Best S.T. Student Degree Classes.

Year Name Position
1978 Shaik Abbas Ali Lecturer in Botany, S.G.S. College, Jaggaiahpet
G. Venkata Rao Lecturer in Chemistry, S.R.R.& C.V.R. Govt. College, Vijayawada
Y. L. Kamala Kumari P.A to General Manager, Singareni Colleries, Kothagudem
G. Ravikumar Teacher, Konayapalem
1979 B. Nagi Reddy Scientific Officer, A.P. Pollution Control Board, Vijayawada.
K.Z.S. Kumar Mandal Education Officer, Nandigama
1980 Dr. K. Appa Rao Assistant Professor of Surgery, Siddartha Medical College, Vijayawada
Prof. H. Lakshmi Assistant Professor and Head, CIEFL, Hyderabad, National Centre for Translation & Interpretation
Ch. Radha Rani Government Teacher, Kodad
G. Hari Prasad Advocate, Kottagudem
1981 M. Krishna Veni Lecturer in Zoology. S.R.R.& C.V.R. Govt. College, Vijayawada
Y. Subba Chari Teacher, Muppalla
A. Neelakantaiah Teacher, State organising Secretary, S.T.U(AP), Jaggaiahpet
1982 Dr. K. Bhanu prasad Govt. Homeo Doctor, Nandigama.
1983 G. Vijaya Kumar Staff Reporter, Vaartha Daily, Nandigama
Dr. K. Aruna Homeo Doctor, Nandigama
1984 K. Durga prasad Teacher, Nandigama
1985 B. Venkata Ramesh Lecturer in Chemistry, S.G.S. College, Jaggaiahpet
M. Lakshmi Narayana Teacher, Nandigama
1986 P. Jhon Babu Teacher, Nandigama
Dr. K. Sarala Devi Homeo Doctor, Nandigama
1988 Dr. K.Haseena Begum Homeo Doctor, Nandigama
D. Bhanu Optometrist, Nandigama
1989 K. Syamala Deputy Director, Medical & Health Dept., A.P., Rajahmundry. (Group-I Services)
Dr. B. Narasimha Rao Homeo Doctor, Nandigama
Shaik Karimulla Lab Technician, Nandigama
1990 B. Venkata Rajeswari Assistant Professor, S.V. Engineering College, Suryapet
Mohammad Siraj Lecturer in Zoology, K.V.R. College, Nandigama.
1991 K. Lakshmi Narayana Teacher, Nandigama
A. Siva Rama Krishna Teacher, Nandigama
1992 G. Vijaya Durga Teacher, Nandigama
G. Sriram Manager, State Bank of India, Zonal Office, Vijayawada.
G. Siva Rama Krishna Advocate, Nandigama
1993 Dr. K. Ram Babu Veterinary Officer, Kottapeta, East Godawari District
1994 Shaik John Babu L.I.C. Agent, Nandigama
L. Dayakara Rao Teacher, Keesara
M. Prasanthi Teacher, Penuganchiprolu
1995 Y. Kiran Kumar Medical Business, Nandigama
1996 K.V. Sambasiva Rao Lecturer in Chemistry, Krishi Jr. College, Nandigama
Shaik Shammi Lecturer in Botany, Narayana College, Visakahapatnam
1997 S. Vijaya Vardhani Lecturer in Chemistry, K.V.R. College, Nandigama
1998 P. Praveen Kumar Lecturer in Botany, Krishi Jr. College, Nandigama
K. Ratna Kumar Lecturer in Zoology, K.V.R. College, Nandigama
2001 Shaik Mastan Lecturer in Zoology, K.V.R. College, Nandigama
2002 B. Naga Raja Kumari Lecturer in Chemistry, K.V.R. College, Nandigama
K. Jyothi Lecturer in Botany, K.V.R. College, Nandigama
P. Ramesh Lecturer in Botany, Vikas College, Vissannapeta
A. Venugopal R & D Associate, Chem BioTech International, Kolkata.
Y. Rama Krishna R & D Officer, Cipla Ltd., Bangalore.
2003 R. Purnaiah Lecturer in Zoology, Teja Junior College, Nandigama
Ch. Hima Bindu Lecturer in Chemistry, Krishi Jr. College, Nandigama
T. Radhika Lecturer in Bio-chemistry, Ideal College, Hyderabad
G. Durga Rao Lecturer in Botany, K.V.R. College, Nandigama
M. Kondala Rao Lecturer in Botany, K.V.R. College, Nandigama
B. Balaji Lecturer in Botany, Sai Chaitanya College, Vijayawada
P. Hanumantha Rao Lecturer in Zoology, Sai Siddartha College, Kanchikacharla
2004 Ch. Yesubabu Lecturer in Bio-Technology, K.V.R. College, Nandigama
G. Srikanth Quality Controller, Matrix, Hyderabad
D. Sandhya Lab Technician, Yasoda Super Speciality Hospital, Hyderabad.